Wednesday Meditation:


Currently Cloud Mountain Retreat provides meditation on Wednesday nights 7-8pm via Zoom.

We encourage people to log in five minutes before 7pm. There is a 25 minute sessions of meditation (Zazen). Paul offers a short comment on themes related to meditation practice.

People who want to start and need instruction can make a time with Paul by phoning 0407 833 515.

Cloud Mountain Contemplative Zen Group is fully open to all, regardless of religious affiliation, we endeavour to stress the importance of Sitting practice, (Zazen/Meditation) Mindful Attention and Ethical life awakened and matured as compassionate engagement in our personal relations and communal life. 

Paul has 25 years meditation practice and is in training as a Zen teacher under the direction of Roshi Robert Walker (USA). Paul is also a Uniting Church minister and has  experience in retreat leadership and was a teacher in the OASES Graduate School.

Paul and Pauline
Paul and Pauline