Cloud Mountain Retreat

Cloud Mountain Retreat in Dunkeld,

Southern Grampians closed in July 2020. 


Rev. Paul Sanders and Pauline Yule have relocated to Lower Plenty, Melbourne.   We have decided to maintain the historically inspired connection with the mountains Gariwerd (Grampians) and will continue to maintain a presence attributed to the foundational imagery of the original inspiration for our contemplative/Zen environment of practice.  We will continue to offer a presence for students of the way. 

Covid-19 has meant we now sit via Zoom. If you are interested in joining this group please email us and we will send a link.

Cloud Mountain Contemplative/Zen Group will replace the residential retreat.

Rev. Paul Sanders is an appointed Zen teacher, 2010 by Roshi Robert Walker, USA. Robert Walker is Dharma Heir of Fr. Pat Hawk Roshi, USA.  Paul is a Uniting Church minister with many years of contemplative/Zen practice and retreat leadership having firstly encountered Zen in 1992. Fr Pat Hawk attracted many Christian contemplatives who also participated in Zen instruction and retreats. Pat Hawk carefully and respectfully preserved and protected the unique instructive styles of Zen and Contemplative practice as separate wisdom streams.

  Cloud Mountain gratefully acknowledge our indebtedness and affiliation with the Diamond Sangha as established by Robert Aitken in the Yasutani-Yamada lineage.  We also value and draw upon the rich western mystical tradition, whose knowledge and insights are conveyed through the practiced experiences and writings, art and poetry of many men and woman, ancient and contemporary. Many of these witnesses resided in Monastic Christian settings tracing their inspiration back to the original gospels and movements of the early desert influences, Western and Eastern European Christianity.

            We live in an eruptive and rapidly changing age, whereby the loss of faith in institutions corresponds with what has been called a Post Christian Age. This offers both the challenges of meeting people spiritually inclined and searching, yet who bring a more sceptical and critical attitude towards inherited religious beliefs and forms. Cloud Mountain seeks to understand this unique and fruitful time, while also recognising wisdom is never a possession, always carried and continued through the faithfulness and commitment of religious practice traditions and teachers as ordinary people.

Chao chu asked Nansen “what is the Tao” Nansen replied “ordinary mind is the Tao”


Encouraging Words

Paul’s regular Wednesday talk is posted underneath offering a reflection around themes relating to meditative practice and living.



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