Cloud Mountain Retreat

Cloud Mountain Retreat is beautifully situated at the foot of the Southern Grampians ranges in the picturesque town of Dunkeld. The home provides uninterrupted views of Mt Abrupt and Mt. Sturgeon surrounded by ancient red gums, farmlands and the Dunkeld Arboretum. It is a short one kilometre relaxing walk along salt creek to the town center.

Cloud Mountain Retreat takes its name from the often hidden appearance of the mountains when under cloud. The home has a Zen styled atmosphere designed to give those who stay a tranquil and supportive environment. A mediation room, garden and plenty of space for quiet reading and rest is provide.

Calendar of events in 2020


March 6-9 Fri – Mon          Dunkeld & Peaks Pilgrim Walk 3 Day walk

May 1-4 Fri – Mon              Zen/Contemplative Residential 3 day Retreat

October 9-12 Fri – Mon      Zen/Contemplative Residential 3 day Retreat



Retreat Information

CMR  conducts a number of retreats within Contemplative Zen streams. Rev. Paul Sanders is an appointed associate Zen teacher of Roshi Bob Walker USA, Diamond Sangha. Paul is also a Uniting church minister and has contemplative training.


Dunkeld pilgrim walks information.

CMR in association with others is launching a new initiative ‘Dunkeld and Peaks Pilgrim Walks’awe discovery and reflection. ‘These will be offered quarterly and provide a Camino styled walk around the Southern Grampians. Themes such as:  Simplicity,  Clarity,  Change, Connecting with place, Appreciation for earth, people, bio-diversity and creating a space for soulful and mindful  practices.  Pilgrim flier 2020


Encouraging Words

A regular newsletter is posted underneath offering a reflection around themes relating to meditative practice and living.


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