Wednesday Meditation:

7-8pm (followed by a simple tea ceremony). We encourage people to arrive five minutes before 7pm. There are two 25minutes sessions of meditation (Zazen). Paul offers a short comment on themes related to meditation practice.


Saturday Meditation (Zazen-kai)

Dates: February 25, May 27, July 8, November 11, 2017 Orientation days

Saturdays Times: 9-4pm (Lunch and refreshments provided)

Cost $40 con $25 those who would find payment difficult are most welcome to attend for the day without cost.

Cloud Mountain Retreat provides meditation on a regular basis for those visiting or living in the region.

The day provides a community setting in which to practice meditation including a shared lunch.

The day comprises of:

-Introduction for those seeking to commence a meditation practice.
-Orientation to Zen and Contemplative practice.
-Instruction and practice in mindfulness and its application to everyday life.
-Opportunity for personal interview with the teacher around practice matters.
-The experience of meditation in a group/ritual setting.

While the day is designed for local and regional people, a ‘week-end stay’ could include the day in your program stay.

Paul is in training as a Zen teacher under the direction of Roshi Robert Walker (USA). Paul is also a Uniting Church minister and has many years experience in retreat leadership and a teacher in the OASES Graduate School.

Paul and Pauline
Paul and Pauline