Pilgrim Walks



Dunkeld & Peaks Pilgrim Walks


Wannon circle walk (easy-moderate 3days 45K walk)


In our time entering a way of intended slowness is the wisdom of the old pilgrim’s (Camino) knowledge

The practice of taking time out to be unencumbered and mindful through walking is well attested through many traditions. Walking offers the gift of clarity by a thoughtful relaxed slowing down. Taking time to attend to transitional moments in our life is a soulful and liberating undertaking. In our hectic and busy life overwhelmed by choices, touching the earth, being open to ‘not fully knowing’, finding simplicity, meeting other sojourners and feeling enlivened in natural beauty opens us to see new possibilities. Just the experience of walking is rejuvenating and connecting.
You may just undertake for the sheer experience and pleasure of walking
You will be led by experienced and registered parks approved walking leader.
You will be supported by a team who have carefully planned the route for care safety and enjoyment.

Pilgrim Nov 2017 walk